Carpenter KLL Gamma 60L and Bluefish 45 Spring 2015 Release

Carpenter KLL Gamma 60 and Bluefish 45Carpenter have shipped two new plugs to vendors in Japan just as their patrons are tooling up for the yellowtail kingfish season in Japan’s most popular fisheries.  Most shops are claiming the lures are already sold out, but savvy anglers may find a few at less known retailers outside the big cities.   Continue reading “Carpenter KLL Gamma 60L and Bluefish 45 Spring 2015 Release” »

AHPL Lure Showcase and Sale in Harajuku, Tokyo

AHPL Lure Showcase and saleIf you are a JDM bass tackle enthusiast, you may have heard of Yoshihiko Ando, a Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture based lure crafter and fish sculptor.  He has what is perhaps the most vivid imagination among handcrafted bass tackle makers in Japan, producing both ultra realistic and wacky character creature lures that not only look amazing, but also catch fish.  The breadth and variety of his lure designs suggest that he almost never repeats the same design twice.  Ando is one of those creative geniuses for whom great designs seem to just spring for from his subconscious.  This combined with his superb level of craftsmanship has helped him build up a following of diehard fans who snatch up his work no sooner than it leaves his studio. Continue reading “AHPL Lure Showcase and Sale in Harajuku, Tokyo” »

JA-DO Envy 95 and 105

JA-DO Envy head

Recently JA-DO, part of Valley Hill released a new sub-surface bait for seabass and other shallow water inshore targets such as jacks, halibuts, and many others. Designed to swim very close to the surface and creating a wake as it tightly rolls and moves through the water to appeal to fish. Many times fish feeding on small anchovies and sand worms will look for that wake to target the bait. This can also mimic lance eels and other surface baits very realistically.

The 95 swims at a range of 0 to 20cm from the surface while the 105 swims between 0 and 30cm. The 95 weighs in at 9g and is 95mm long and the 105 is 11.1g with a 105mm body length. They are priced reasonably with MSRPs of 1410 JPY for the 95 and 1510 JPY for the 105 sizes.

JA-DO Envy color chart

With the amount of fish you will be catching no wonder this plug is aptly named Envy.

Daiwa’s new Switch Hitter Seabass Sinking Pencil Bait for 2015


In March of 2015 Daiwa newly released a Sinking Pencil Bait for seabass as well as other inshore targets. Perfect for shallow areas or when the fish are looking to the surface to feed, or when the bait is small yet the fish are feeding far out.

The Switch Hitter 85S is 85mm long and weighs 20g despite its small size. Although heavy Continue reading “Daiwa’s new Switch Hitter Seabass Sinking Pencil Bait for 2015” »

Daiwa Over There Skipping

Daiwa Over There SkippingDaiwa is adding a new version of it’s Over There sinking stick bait this month.  The new Skipping version is designed to mimmic a fleeing flying fish, just as it’s about to take off from the water’s surface.  As the name suggests, the lure is weighted to be cast long distances, but unlike the original version, which was essentially designed to be dead dropped on fast moving boils, the new model is tuned to sink a little slower and produce a lot more commotion as it’s being quickly retrieved.  This lure is available in 110mm/25g and 130mm/40g Continue reading “Daiwa Over There Skipping” »

Imakatsu Gillbone

gillbone clear

Last year, when these lures first came out I passed them up as just a quirky lure. The more I look at them though they are actually pretty cool. Not only are they very unique in concept and design but you can use them in so many ways that it is very appealing to me as an angler.

Of course you have your standard offset hook setting, then a football jig setting, a simple single hook through the head or one through an anchor setting. They are also perfect for Imakatsu’s Chatter bait set upside down and you can cut the ribs to give the lure even more vibration and action.

gillbone offset

gillbone football jig

gillbone single hook

gillbone hook anchor

gillbone chatter

Sometimes the best soft bodied lures are ones that don’t even look natural so these may work just as well as the top catching lure in your box.

gillbone with bass

Imakatsu’s new Iron Mouth and Jaggy Mouth for 2015

imakatsu Iron mouth jaggy mouth

Last month bass lure maker Imakatsu released the Iron Mouth top water pencil. They are gearing up for the release of their new Jaggy Mouth later this year as well.

The difference between the two is the shape of the metal cup at the front of the lures. Both are Continue reading “Imakatsu’s new Iron Mouth and Jaggy Mouth for 2015” »